The MX4 is a buffered MIDI multiple and splitter.

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The MX4 is a buffered MIDI multiple and splitter. Users can from a single MIDI input split and duplicate the signal four times to four MIDI outputs. This is achieved using a 5-pin DIN connector. For example , you could get a signal from a single MIDI source and send it to four other devices in real time.

The MX4 uses TRS minijacks for handy connection directly between the following devices:

All 1010 music modules, including MX4, bitbox, and fxbox
The Arturia BeatStep Pro
Novation products, including the Launch Pad Pro

The MX4 includes two MIDI adapters to connect with any equipment using the MIDI standard, 5-pin DIN connector, two TRS cables for MIDI patching and a standard power ribbon cable for connecting to your eurorack.

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