The EnvVCA from 4ms is a handy combination of envelope and VCA.

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The EnvVCA from 4ms is a handy combination of envelope and VCA.

Using an envelope to modulate a VCA is a very common method of sound shaping, so it only makes sense to combine the two in one module. The EnvVCA can run triggered or cyclic, with a wide time range from 30 minutes to 10kHz, and can become anything: LFO, slew limiter, audio or CV VCA, ASR/ADSR envelope generator, audio rate oscillator, and more.

With the useful EOC (End of Cycle) and also an output of the generated envelope it is possible to trigger many different events in the case to create complex cross-modulations. In combination with the extensive CV control possibilities, everything from simple to sophisticated envelopes is possible here. The module is completely analog and has a low noise and low distortion DC coupled exponential VCA.


  • Versatile linear envelope generator/LFO.
  • Low noise, low distortion, DC-coupled exponential VCA
  • 100% analog
  • Sliders, switches and Time CV jack control rise and fall times from 100µs (10kHz) to over 30 minutes
  • Independent attenuators for rise and fall times
  • Blue/red LEDs indicate strength and polarity
  • Cycle button for looping envelope (LFO)
  • Trigger input jack fires one-shot envelope
  • Cycle gate input jack toggles the cycle
  • EOR (End of Rise) gate output can be used to chain and sequence events
  • Env Level knob controls the output level of the Env jack without changing the VCA volume
  • VCA gain is internally connected to the envelope output
  • Follow input jack allows for slew limiting, sustain (ASR) and exotic filter effects
  • Re-trigger jumper allows for re-triggering during the rise phase


Power consumption +12V:83
Power consumption -12V:81
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