Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler (SISM)

Utility module which can handle audio and CV signals.

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The Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler (SISM) is a 4-channel voltage manipulator that can scale, invert, attenuate, shift (DC offset), mix, split, and slice your CV and audio signals.

Fourteen red and blue LEDs show exactly what each output jack is doing: red = negative voltage, blue = positive.

Each of the four channels are independent and have an input and output jack, a knob for attenuating/inverting (Scale), a knob for applying positive or negative DC offset (Shift), and two LEDs.

Four jacks on the bottom combine the four channels in different ways. Mix is a straight mix of all four shifted inputs, Switched Mix is a mix of all channels that have nothing plugged into the OUT jack, Positive Slice is the sum of all output voltages greater than zero volts, and Negative Slice is the sum of all negative voltages. The SLICE jacks can be used for sub-mixes, half-wave rectifying, “dirty panning”, and creating new CV signals from existing ones.

Each channel has a jumper to make the Scale knob uni-polar (no inverting, attenuate only). This is useful for mixing audio instead of CV. Another jumper connection allows for a maximum of 2x gain. Headers allow for connections to a QCD, QPLFO, VCA Matrix and other manufacturer’s modules.

• 12 HP Eurorack format module
• 0.86” (22 mm) maximum depth
• 10-pin to 16-pin power cable (included)
• +12V rail: 51mA max
• -12V rail: 51mA max
• The 5V rail is not used


Current draw

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