Akemie’s Taiko

Digital FM Drum Voice

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Akemie’s Taiko is an authentic complete FM synthesis based drum voice created using original Yamaha IC’s. It builds on the same technology used in the mighty Akemie’s Castle but in a more complete triggered voice form featuring both signal generation and envelope shaping.

The module provides CV and direct control over a number of FM parameters including algorithm selection, operator release envelopes, ratios, waveforms & feedback. This gives a massive range of unique sounds.

The voice is able to track 1 volt per octave allowing it to be used for melodic lines as well as percussion. Also optional ‘frequency ramps’ can be enabled for additional audio effects.

The drum voice includes a trigger input as well as accent and choke trigger inputs to add further expressive and rhythmic control.


-Complete drum voice with authentic 4 Operator / 6 Algorithm / 8 Waveform / Feedback FM
-Full voltage control including Algorithm selection.
-Inbuilt envelopes with separate release control of FM carriers and modulator.
-Tracks 1v per octave for melody lines.
-Optional Frequency ‘ramps’ for for further effects and FM
-Trigger, accent and choke trigger inputs.
-Reverse polarity protection.
-Skiff friendly.


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