Beast’s Chalkboard

Dual octave switcher

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Beast’s Chalkboard is dual channel stepped voltage source and adder for your eurorack modular synthesizer system.

It primarily is intended as a dual octave switcher for VCO’s but has many other uses including sequence transposition, FM ratio creation, buffered CV distribution and VCO calibration.

Dual channel voltage adder and source with 1V stepped range of -2 to +2 volts (i.e 5 Octaves)
Two Buffered outputs and through output per channel
Top input normalized to bottom. Allows input to be varied across both channel outputs
Bottom octave switcher can be chained to top extending range to 9 octaves
Also functions as 1->6 or dual 1->3 buffered mult.
Skiff friendly
Designed and built in England.


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