Dinky’s Taiko

12 bit digital drum voice

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Dinky’s Taiko is a 12 bit digital drum voice with full voltage control and an analog EQ output path.

The drum voice consists of 3 parts; a digital noise source with controllable frequency and release time, a wavetable oscillator with start and end frequency settings together with a variable rate (and release time, and finally a mix and tone control for the audio output. All settings, bar the tone control, are both direct and voltage controllable.

The drum voice includes a trigger input as well as accent and choke trigger inputs to add further expressive and rhythmic control.

Wide varied 12 Bit digital drum sound source through fully analog EQ.
Extremely wide pallet of sounds with lots of modulation possibilities.
Digital noise generator combined with variable wavetable (24 waveforms) oscillator through an EQ and mix output.
Trigger, accent and choke trigger inputs.
Reverse polarity protection.
Skiff friendly.
Designed and Made in the UK.


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