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The Alyseum MS-MATRIX is a Eurorack module consisting of a dynamic matrix, both analog and digital in nature, which sports 16 inputs and 16 outputs. A special 256 LED display makes for a friendly and intuitive graphical interface, each LED representing one of the 256 points of connections available.

The module accepts a variety of signals such as Gates, Clocks, CV and Oscillator simultaneously, while the different user configurations can be saved as user presets in 32 locations. These presets can be recalled by hand, by a dedicated CV Input on the front panel, by MIDI (either incoming Note On or CC), or by the forthcoming Make Noise CTRL-SEL line of modules.

The Input and Output expander mixer modules (coming soon) can be controlled by the MIDI from the main unit via infra-red (IR). No need for additional cables which might cause ground loops or interferences!

> High Voltage 16 X 16 Matrix both Analog and Digital.
> Analog distortion: 0.01% (2 Vp-p)
> Analog Bandwith: 0 to 20KHz (+/-0,1 dB)
> Isolation between channels: 92 dB at 1KHz
> Inputs and Outputs buffered with low offset Op-Amp.
> Simple firmware upgrades by the front panel MIDI port.
> Direct Eurorack power supply.
> Eurorack 26 HP wide.

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