Oberkorn MK3

Analogue sequencer

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The Oberkorn is an analogue sequencer with 3 tracks. On this you can switch the gate by pulling and pushing on the CV dial. This makes fast and sensible editing possible. Additionally there are two alternative gate channels, i.e. For rhythmical impulse. With the so-called ‘max control input’ the playful order of the steps can be additionally varied. The intelligent tools and inspirational connection points motivate creative tweaking. The device will no longer be produced with midi and is only seldom available without midi and with a silver front-plate. You have a 5 track highly complex sequencer which can be used for fast editing or even complex beat arrangements in modular systems and/or triggered drum/sound machines.

48 Dual Action Knobs,
21 Switches,
diverse sockets and connections for 16 steps each with 3x CV out, 5x Gate outs External Clock in, Int. Clock out,
4x Mux Control,
Step 1 Pulse,
3x CV,
5x Gate


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