Vostok Deluxe

patch matrix modular synthesizer

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The new Vostok Deluxe – bigger and better!


Pure analogue voice and modulation circuitry.

Suitcase style design.

22×22 matrix pin panel.

Rugged Steel construction. Quality chrome catches and cool steel spring handle.


Retro back-lit signal meter.


Jack socket patch points.

More, more, more!

Additional features over previous model;

– Spring reverb – a triple spring Accutronics unit is used.
– Extra LFO
– Sequencer step repeat feature.
– MIDI clock to analogue clock converter.
– The VCF1 High Pass Filter can now be switch to be a Low Pass filter too – this means you get 24dB type filter sound.
– Many signals have been split and given their own jack socket outputs.
– Some CV inputs have been given an attenuator control.
– Comes with 10 0ohm pins, 10 10K ohm pins
– Now also comes with cables too; 2x Split cables, 5x 30cm cables, 5x 60cm cables.
– 5 more jack sockets
– 21 more control knobs and switches
– 3 more LEDs
– Significantly stronger
– physically larger!


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