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The RS120 is a comb filter based upon a BBD (bucket brigade device) analogue delay line.
It has a frequency response of approximately 30Hz to 5kHz at its output, so it is not suitable for generating or processing sounds with a wide bandwidth, but it nevertheless enables you to coax unique sounds from the Integrator.

The RS120 has variable feedback or “regeneration”. This is equivalent to the resonance of a more conventional filter. As this is increased from its minimum, the RS120 will feed a greater and greater amount of the delayed signal back into the input. You control this using the RESONANCE control.

At its minimum, the filter has zero feedback and, if you feed a simple ‘click’ into the RS120, it will generate a single delay that will be difficult to discern from the original. As you increase the resonance, more of the output will be fed back to the input so that a succession of clicks become audible, and a characteristic ‘ringing’ sound will become obvious. This will severely colour any signal passed through the filter. At somewhere between the 12 o’clock position and maximum the gain in the feedback circuit will become such that the delay is self-sustaining, and does not decay away. Finally, ay its maximum, the filter will self-oscillate and generate a complex tone even in the absence of an input signal. The fundamental frequency of this self-oscillation will be 1/(decay time).
There is no voltage control of RESONANCE.

Delay Time control from approximately 25mS to approximately 40KHz.
Delay Time can also be controlled by CV-IN 1V/OCT and CV-IN VARY inputs
LEVEL control
filter’s sensitivity to CVs within the range ×V/oct to approximately 0.4V/oct.
DELAY TIME from 2.5mS to 25mS.
2 inputs: SIG 1 IN and SIG 2 IN, each with an associated LEVEL control.
Inputs signals in the range ±10v.
These signals are mixed so that they can be filtered simultaneously.
1 output
Output signal in the range ±10v.
12 HP

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