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The Crossfold is a new concept wavefolder: A high quality, compact, 8-stage, dual voltage-controlled crossfader, analog wavefolder/waveshaper from Antimatter Audio capable of producing subltle to extreme distortion, folding, and experimental synthesis.

The module has been refined in order to produce timbres. High quality op amps, multiple high quality VCA chips, and a small army of resistors and diodes to create a unique, hi fidelity wavefolder capable of producing sounds yet unheard of.


• 8 stage wavefolder
• High quality signal path
• Generates smooth to extreme distortion, folding, and experimental synthesis
• Dual integrated voltage controlled crossfaders
• Triple mode output stage with integrated limiter
• Create a complex oscillator by combining and experimenting with your existing oscillators
• Generate unexpected “CrossFolds” by combining various sources
• Reverse power protection

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