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Neuron is an FM-based all-in-one drum voice module suitable for all types of electronic music. From big Autechre-style FM hits to huge digital hardcore kicks to tight x0x snare drums, Neuron can make a broad range of percussion sounds with ease.

Starting with super fast envelopes internally curved for percussion sounds, we add a carrier wave that is a single-cycle sample straight from the PCB of a 909’s kick oscillator. We then add pure sine modulation, analog-modelled soft saturation, digital distortion, and a true random-number-generator for white noise.

The result is a drum module that is both easy to use and incredibly versatile. Watch the overview video below to get an idea of what Neuron sounds like

Module width is 12HP
Module depth is 25mm
Power draw is 50ma from the +12V rail and 9ma from the -12V rail
DSP-based module that runs at 48kHz sample rate and 24 bit depth
USB port (on the backplane) for easy firmware updates

Weight 0.2 kg
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