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CHOMPI Sampler is an intuitive sampler with an unusual look, designed to creatively shake up entrenched sampling habits.

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CHOMPI Sampler is an intuitive sampler with an unusual look, designed to creatively shake up entrenched sampling habits.

The handy sampling specialist with a carrying handle has a surprise egg feeling and offers you excitement, fun and “straightforward” sampling!
The workflow is correspondingly user-friendly and can’t hide its references to 80s tools such as the Casio SK-1 or Yamaha VSS-30. After selecting one of the two sampling modes (Chromatic, 1-Shot), a press on the red sampling button activates your CHOMPI sampler and allows you to immediately record a sample from different “cardinal points” (built-in microphone, aux input, re-sampling of the master output). The result is provided immediately and conveniently playable on the two-octave keyboard with Cherry keys. In the sound design engine, the recorded raw material can then be adjusted in terms of pitch and playback direction, the envelope can be fine-tuned and the start and end points can be intuitively adjusted by ear instead of having to deal with five-digit numerical values in small displays (Remember Axxx S3xx?).
You can then refine your sample gold nugget with effects. Three different processing options are available for this. First, the Magic Wand FX combination of delay and reverb, followed by a Tape FX suite that can add a good portion of drive/saturation/tape compression to the signal. Finally, a multimode filter that retains neutrality in the 12 o’clock position and functions as a lowpass filter when turned to the left and a highpass filter when turned to the right. After that, things get interesting in terms of creative looping. Inspired by classic tape music, you can get creative with CHOMPI’s Looper function and start overdubbing various signals. Varispeed overdub recording, overdub recording decay (“Frippertronics”), direction change option and manual tape scrub functionality are available. In addition, loops and samples can be exchanged between the looper section and the sample engine to allow even more spontaneous handling of the sound sources. The FX section can also be switched between pre- and post-looper.
At the end of the signal chain, the levels for the master out and headphone output can be adjusted. The polyphony of this creative powerhouse, which is manufactured on the US West Coast, is seven voices strong. The total sampling time is six hours (approx. 4GB, stereo 16bit/48 KHz) on the supplied SanDisk SD card. CHOMPI recommends the use of high-speed Class 10 SD cards from SanDisk if you want to expand your personal sample library of the CHOMPI sampler with additional projects. For technical reasons, however, only 4GB can be used for sampling purposes or storage, even with larger SD cards. The sample specialist connects to the outside world via its 3.5mm stereo jack inputs and outputs, a 3.5mm headphone out and 3.5mm MIDI I/O in TRS-A format. A USB-C port supplies the device with power and charges the internal battery. Operation with a power bank is also possible. Incidentally, this creative powerhouse based on Electrosmith’s Daisy platform is manufactured on the US West Coast.


  • Creative sampler with intuitive functionality and sevenfold polyphony
  • 2 different sampling modes (chromatic, 1-shot)
  • 3 different sampling sources (internal microphone, stereo aux, resampling master out)
  • Sound design engine with quick access to playback parameters (speed & direction), sample start and end point and envelope (attack & decay)
  • Triple multi-FX section (delay/reverb, tape/saturation, multimode filter) with one-knob functionality
  • Varispeed tape-style looper with creative overdub functionality
  • Two-octave Cherry Keys keyboard
  • Sampling capacity on supplied SD card approx. 6 hours in 16 bit/48 KHz
  • 84 preset memory locations
  • Built-in microphone with high-gain preamp
  • 3.5mm stereo aux input
  • 3.5mm stereo line output
  • 3.5mm headphone output
  • 3.5mm TRS-A MIDI I/O
  • USB-C (power supply & USB-MIDI)

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