Dave Smith Instruments Prophet REV2-8 Desktop

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8-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesiser

2 Digitally controlled oscillators per voice

2/4 Pole Curtis low pass filter


Original Prophet 4 LFOs

3 Envelope generators

Each program has two layers

Polyphonic step sequencer with up to 64 steps and up to 6 notes per step

Separate 16×4 gate step sequencer


512 Preset programs ex factory – 4 banks with 128 presets each

512 Fully editable user programs with 2 layers (2 separate sounds) in each program

Dimensions: 540 x 200 x 84 mm

Weight: 3.4 kg


4x Line outputs: 6.3 mm jack unbalanced (A / BL / R stereo)

MIDI in/out/thru

Sustain pedal input

Pedal/CV input – for expression pedal or CV of 0-5 V DC


Headphone output 6.3 mm stereo jack

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