Quadruple random voltage source with quantizer.

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Quadruple random voltage source with quantizer.

With the A-149-4 four random voltage values can be generated via trigger input and quantized in different ways. The four random voltage sources can be triggered individually or grouped together, and the quantization settings apply to all four CV outputs. Thus quantized and random polyphonic melodies with different rhythms per voice are possible.The module was developed for polyphonic applications like the Doepfer polyphonic modules (A-111-4, A-105-4, A-132-8, A-141-4, A-157, A-173-1/2), but is also suitable everywhere where four random voltages are desired.

The module offers the following setting options for the quantizer:

  • Octave Range (Manual Knob “Oct.”).
  • Pitch (6 buttons): This parameter determines the pitch of the output control voltages:
  1. Octaves (Oct)
  2. Octaves + fifths (Quint)
  3. Chords (Chord)
  4. Scale (Scale)
  5. semitones (Semi)
  6. continuous (Cont)
  • Minor / Major (2 buttons): In the case of chords and scales, this parameter determines whether the control voltages are output in the minor (Min) or major (Maj) grid.
  • Sixth / Septime (2 buttons): These parameters determine whether the sixth or seventh is added.


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