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A-157 is a trigger sequencer subsystem that is used to generate up to eight trigger signals controlled by a 8×16 LED/button matrix (some customers call it “Miniature Schaltwerk” as it is based on the same matrix as the no longer available Schaltwerk).


The subsystem contains several modules:
  • the LED/button matrix module A-157-1
  • the trigger output module A-157-2
  • the control module A-157-3


The LED/button matrix module A-157-1 is the core of the subsystem. It is used to set or reset the trigger event on each of the 16 steps of each of the 8 rows.
The trigger output module A-157-2 outputs the 8 trigger signals and has an LED display for each trigger. We will probably add a mute button or mute switch for each row that allows to turn the trigger output off/on independent for each row.

Technical Specs.:
  • Width:
    . A-157-1: 44HP
    . A-157-2: 4HP
    . A-157-3: 4HP
  • Depth:
    . A-157-1: 40mm
    . A-157-2: 35mm
    . A-157-3: 45mm
  • Current Draw: TBA
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