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Module for connecting 2 foot controllers and 1 double foot switch to A-100 for control of functions with your feet (e.g.VCF frequency, loudness, modulation depth, phasing, pitch). For each foot controller the input scale can be adjusted with a knob at the front panel. 4 outputs and 4 LEDs for CV1, CV2, Gate1, Gate2.
A special application of the A-177 is the usage within a Trautonium replica (for details refer to the Trautonium project article). The foot switches can be used to switch the mixtures of the subharmonic oscillator A-113. The foot controller can be used to control the overall loudness in combination with a VCA (A-130 or A-131).

Technical Specs.:
  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current Draw: 10mA


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