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Usb/midi/cv/gate Interface

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Dark Link is a Midi/USB-to-CV/Gate interface to control vintage monophonic synthesizers via Midi or USB. Dark Link is nothing but the USB/Midi interface of the Dark Energy. It has available 4 analog control voltage outputs (CV1…4) and one Gate output.

In/Outputs and controls:
  • USB
  • Midi Input
  • Learn button
  • Gate Out (with LED for Gate display and learn function), 0/+5V
    Important Note # 1: The gate output is not suitable for devices that require a gate voltage more than +5V ! But the Dark Link can be modified for +12V gate voltage. The modification should not be carried out by the customer because in this case the warranty is void (it is necessary to interrupt the +5V track and install a wire to +12V). We will publish soon details about the modification in case that customers want to carry out the modification despite the warranty loss.
    Important Note # 2: The gate output is not suitable for devices that require a so-called switched trigger. In this case we recommend to order the additional S-Trig cable. Details are available on the FAQ page of our website: S-Trig conversion.
  • CV1: controlled by Midi note messages, 1V/Octave, 0…+5V
  • CV2: controlled by Midi pitch bend, ~ -2.5…+2.5V or ~ 0…+5V (can be selected by an internal jumper)
  • CV3: controlled by Midi velocity, 0…+5V
  • CV4: controlled by Midi control change messages, free assignale controller in learn mode
  • Glide control (portamento function for CV1)
  • power supply (12V AC/min. 400mA)
  • CV1…CV4 and Gate are 3.5 mm miniature jack sockets


Other Features:
  • Midi channel, reference note and Midi control change number for CV4 are adjusted by means of a learn button and LED
  • Dark Link is nothing but the interface of Dark Energy
  • Metal case, made of 1 mm steel, black coated with white printing
  • Dimensions: about 145 length x 35 height x 60 depth (all measures are in mm)
  • Weight: about ?? kg
  • These parts are included (worldwide): one USB cable (type A-B), user’s guide
  • These parts are included (only within Europe): power supply (12 AC/min. 400mA) for 230V mains voltage with European mains plug, please ask the Doepfer representative in your country if a power supply is included if you from other countries
  • Please order suitable patch cables in addition if required (Midi, A-100 patch cable in the required length, adapter cable 3.5 mm – 6.3 mm /1/4″ jack plug)
  • Powering the device via USB is not possible, because the analog circuits require a dual voltage (+/-12V).
  • If you want to connect the Dark Link gate output to devices that use S-Trig a special S-Trig cable is available. For details please refer to our FAQ page.


A modular version of the Dark Link is also available: A-190-3

User’s manual: Dark_Link_Manual.pdf


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