modulation wheel (kit)

Modulation wheel (kit)

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Modulation Wheel kit: contains a special rotary potentiometer (10k linear) with nut and washer, the modulation wheel made of black plastic, a mouting angle, rubber buffer (for a soft touch of the wheel against the angle) and a fetch-back spring that can be used (e.g. for pitch band) or not (e.g. for modulation or volume control). Available as kit only and has to be assembled by the user.

  • overall: ~ 67 x 33 x 63 mm (mounting angle, wheel and potentiometer)
  • only the mounting angle: ~ 53 x 20 x 40 mm (without wheel and potentiometer)
  • diameter of the wheel: ~ 67 mm
  • width of the wheel: ~ 10 mm
  • distance of the mounting holes of the mounting angle: ~ 32 mm

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