BLCK_Noir is a modular drum synthesizer with seven voices

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Comparer’ BLCK_Noir is a 7-voice analog drum synthesizer in eurorack modular format. It is directly inspired by the Roland’s CR-78 as a point of departure, Blk_Noir is however more beefy, rougher, darker and harsher temper. Its discrete analog circuits are blended with digital noise and spectrum animation.  The 7 voices are dedicated to kick, snare, closed and open hats, tambourine, cymbals, and a metallic membrane. Kick, snare, and tambourine voices have each their own dedicated outputs, while open/closed hi-hats are share a common output alongside a cymbal/membrane output. The module also features a summed master stereo output, which has a resonance filter. Finally, the module has an effects processor with 8  algorithms to add that extra drak flavor.

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