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Because Titan has a thick atmosphere able to carry sound waves, the moon is a noisy place…

For a long time, we’ve imagined the music of the space to be a sweet song of gods, crystalline magical sounds. And we thought that the space was a silent place, cold and empty.
Since 2004, the Cassini-Huygens mission has recorded some sounds of the space, different from everything we’d imagined before, shock of particles launched in the space at a prodigious speed, a deep chaos, unexpected, which the ESA/NASA has sometimes called « alien sounds »… The Cassini-Huygens mission started the exploration of Titan in 2007.
Since 2000, Eowave designs instruments for electronic music. The Titan Capsule MKII is a fascinating and immersive experimentation mixing space mysteries and music. It will make you explore sound dimensions that are still unknown.
Titan has a very thick atmosphere able to carry sound waves. With the Capsule TITAN MKII, we’ll get onboard to explore how the sound goes across Titan orange thick atmosphere. In a way, the Capsule Titan is a simulation station able to reproduce the journey of the sound waves crossing Titan’s atmosphere and offer the possibility to modulate parameters like the thickness of the haze, the ionisation of the magnetosphere, Titan’s magnetic glow, or low frequency zones.
To amplify these sounds, we’ve chosen a discrete amplification. The Capsule Titan MKII is a station composed of 7 modules:

– 2 TITAN MKII discrete oscillators
– 1 MAGNETOSPHERE : 24 dB discrete filter
– 1 A. D. discrete amp
– 1 RAYONNEMENT envelope
-1 ZONE B.F. MKII : 2 x LFOs
– MIDI interface
The Capsule Titan MKII comes in a ½ rack format aluminium case with MIDI interface and 10 patch cables.
Price : 699 euros incl. VAT / 549 euros (without case, no MIDI interface, no patch cables)

The Capsule Titan is a station composed of 7 modules:

– 2 TITAN MKII discrete oscillators

TITAN modules MKII are elements from the Titan Capsule MKII.
This updated version sees the switch « -2>0 » disappear in favor of a « fine » control. They are sound generators built to recreate the sound of Titan haze. These transistors made oscillators have a wide range and a very particular sound. 2 TITAN modules will create deep and vibrant basses.

With the knob « densité des brumes », the sound will be shaped through Titan’s haze from deep basses to high pitches. The titan transistors generate a very particular sound with a base frequency of +/-15 semi-tones from 1Hz à 6kHz.

Fine : fine tuning.

mod2 0>10 is the amount of frequency modulation of mod2 input

SYNC : soft synchronisation
PWM : pulse width modulation input CV IN : 1 Volt/octave frequency control input, – also available on the DOEPFER 16 pin Ribbon cable.
MOD2 second frequency modulation input
SAW : saw wave output
SQUARE : square wave output

Metal pot, panel mounted, screwed.

– Width : eurorack 5HP
– Current consumption : +12V : 8mA ; -12V : 6mA

– 1 MAGNETOSPHERE: 24 dB discrete filter

Titan’s sound is deeply distorted by the magnétosphère influence from Saturn. Depending on its orbital position, the magnétosphère influence is different.
To reproduce this influence, the Magnetosphere is a high-end 24 dB transitor low-pass filter with CV control of the resonance.

The knob ionisation enables to adjust the ionisation created by the magnétosphère influence. This ionisation of the atmosphere produces sound variations.
Frequency control is 10-15000kHz

The knob réson enables to adjust the resonance from the ionisation variation to self-oscillation.
entrée 0>10: input level
mod2 0>10: amount of frequency modulation of mod2 input

ENTREE: audio input
MOD1: frequency modulation input without attenuation
MOD2: second frequency modulation with attenuation
RESON : voltage control of the resonance
SORTIE : audio output
– Width : 5HP
– Current consumption : +12V : 22mA, -12V : 12,5mA


This mixer has 2 functions :
– 2 input mixer with regular & inverted input
(the mixer is DC coupled, can work with audio as well as control signals)
– 1 attenuator
ENT1 : attenuator input
SORTIE ATTEN : attenuator output – if not connected , the output is routed to the mixer input – to make a 3 input mixer
ENT2, ENT3 input levels for INPUT 2 & 3
ENT 2 ENT3 input
SORTIE – inverted output
SORTIE + non inverted output

– Width : 5HP
– Current consumption: +12V : 5mA ; -12V : 5mA

– 1 A. D. discrete amp

A.D. is a transistor linear voltage controlled amplifier
signal 0>10: input level
gain 0>10: minimum output level
mod2: amount of gain modulation of mod2 input

MOD1 : Gain modulation input
MOD2 : second Gain modulation input with attenuation
ENTREE : signal input
SORTIE : signal output

– Width : 5HP
– Current consumption : +12V : 6mA, -12V : 6mA

– 1 RAYONNEMENT envelope

Titan has a natural glow, which has a certain impact on the atmosphere structure. The knobs attaque, chute, sustain, relâche enable to set the curse of the particles, which create that special glow. The incidence on the sound would be very similar to the effect of an ADSR envelope generator, shaping the sound with attack, decay, sustain and release.

The BOUCLE mode enables looping in AD state to simulate the glow pulsation.

attaque: set attack time from 1ms to 37s
chute: set decay time from 1ms to 37s
sustain: set sustain level
relache : set release time from 1ms to 37s
0-10V range

DECL : retrig input of the envelope, when the gate is off , an impulse will generate an AD enveloppe, suitable for percussive sounds.
BOUCLE : loop mode, when set ON, the envelope will loop in the AD state.
PORTE : gate input of the envelope, a gate signal will trigger the envelope, it will stay in the sustain state until the gate is released.
SORTIE : audio output

– Width : 5HP
– Current consumption : +12V : 22mA ; -12V : 5mA

-1 ZONE B.F. : 2 x LFOs

ZONE B.F. MKII is a dual LFO from the Capsule TITAN MKII. Zone basses fréquences stands for low frequency zone.
This updated version is composed of 2 LFOs with now 16 sync-able waveforms.

Those two LFO are independent and speed range is from 0.1 Hz to +/-200 Hz

On the back of the PCB you will find two jumpers, marked as JP1. CV1 is LFO channel 1 and CV2 is LFO channel 2. By moving the jumper so it sits on one leg (rather than 2 as when you have received the module), the Sync input for either LFO channel now becomes LFO speed input, controllable via CV.

SYNC 1 & 2 : reset the LFO waveform when an inpulse signal is applied.
SORTIE 1 & 2 : LFO signal outputs 1 & 2
Voltage swing is -/+5V

Leds shows LFOs activity.

Metal pot, panel mounted, screwed.

– Width : 5HP
– Current consumption: +12V : 40mA ; – 2V : 10mA

– MIDI interface

– 1/2 rack aluminium case with Morvan French oak woddensides

– Made, mounted and tuned in France

– Metal pot, panel mounted, screwed.

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