Ribbon Mk2

ribbon synthesizer

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Eowave Ribbon is not just a ribbon controller!

A MiniSynth

The Ribbon has a real sound generation section with one oscillator. The sound will be triggered by the position on the 4 octaves ribbon. The ribbon serigraphy offers a chromatic scale of the 4 octaves on the ribbon. The Ribbon is also sensitive to the pressure. The pressure will determine the volume. A tactile tile is dedicated to the effects modulation. Ribbon can be placed on a table or on a keyboard to add continuous play. Ribbon can also be hold like a cello neck or a guitar neck. With a transparent Plexiglas enclosure lighted with a LED (color definable by preset), Ribbon is a modern and visual synth/controller for live.

A USB controller

Ribbon can be used as a USB controller. It is compatible with any MIDI software. No MIDI interface is needed. It’s also fully compatible with your IPad!

A CV/Gate controller

Ribbon has an audio out. It can be turned into a CV/gate controller with an audio cable. Ribbon can control a modular synthesizer directly.

– 50cm ribbon (position and pressure sensitive)
– Tactile pad to trigger and modulate effets
– Mini 12 bits Synth with 16 presets
– internal effects
– Audio out
– Free editor
-updatable via USB
– Dimensions: 62 x 4 x 1,5 cm

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