Disting mk4

Many-in-1 multifunction module

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The mk4 builds on the previous mk3 and adds these new features:
a dot matrix display, making menu navigation, parameter selection etc. a breeze. a front panel accessible MicroSD card slot.

The Disting is a many-in-1 multifunction module, offering a variety of CV and audio processes, including a selection of oscillators (LFOs/VCOs). All algorithms have two high-precision inputs and outputs, and a third control input, exposed on a front panel knob and a CV input.

New algorithms shipping with the Disting mk3 include a voltage controlled delay, a tape delay, and a resonator/drum synthesizer. Many existing algorithms have been enhanced – with extra parameters, manual tap tempo (for the clockable LFO and delay modes), and a ‘knob recorder’ function.

First Bank :
• Group 1
a) Precision Adder with integrer voltage offsets
b) Four Quadrant Multiplier with integer multiply/divide
c) Full-wave Rectifier
d) Minimum/Maximum
• Group 2
a) Linear/Exponential Converter
b) Quantizer with selectable scales
c) Comparator with adjustable hysteresis
d) Dual Waveshaper wavefolder and triangle-to-sine shaper
• Group 3
a) Sample&Hold with noise source and adjustable slew rate
b) Slew Rate Limiter with linear and exponential slew
c) Pitch and Envelope Tracker
• Group 4
a) LFO with through zero frequency control and waveshaping
b) Clockable LFO with multiply/divide and waveshaping
c) VCO with linear FM
d) VCO with waveshaping saw/triangle and pulse outputs

Second Bank :
• Group 1
a) Precision Adder with fractional voltage offsets
b) Voltage Controlled Delay Line vibrato/chorus/flange effects
c) Clockable Ping Pong Delay
d) Clockable Ping Pong Delay with input pan control
• Group 2
a) Resonator for drum synthesis
b) Vocoder 12 band
c) Phaser up to 10 stages
• Group 3
b) Tape Dealy with voltage controlled tape speed
d) State Variable Filter smoothly variable filter type
• Group 4
a) LP/HP Filter
b) LP/BP Filter
c) BP/HP Filter
d) BP/Notch Filter

Third bank :
• Group 1
a) AR envelope
b) AR envelope (with push)
c) AR envelope & VCA
d) AR envelope & VCA (with push)
• Groupe 2
a) Dual AR envelope
b) Dual AR envelope (with push)
• Group 3
a) Clockable AD envelope (with mute)
b) Clockable AD envelope (with gate)
c) Clockable AD envelope (with trigger)
d) Clockable AD envelope & VCA
• Group 4
a) Shift Register Random CVs
b) Shift Register Random Quantized CVs
c) Shift Register Random Triggers
d) Shift Register Random Dual Triggers


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