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The Flame “FX-6” module is a small low cost DSP-based (Spin FV-1) multi effect module, designed for small mobile euro racks. 6 different multi effect programs are available. There are three knobs to change the effect parameters. Stereo input and output levels are adjusted for modular rack levels. The inputs are protected against level peaks and the outputs are buffered by an op-amp. One red LED indicates clipping.

List of effects
1. pitchshift +/- 4 semitones
2. reverb+tremolo
3. reverb (grand)
4. reverb+flanger
5. reverb+chorus
6. pitchshift+echo

Ribbon cable adapter for Doepfer bus +/-12Volt
Inputs: stereo audio left / mono, right, 1/8th inch mono jacks
Outputs: stereo audio left, right, 1/8th inch mono jacks

Control elements:
2 switches to select effects
3 knobs for effect parameters
1 LED to indicate clipping
Current consumption: + 55mA / – 1mA
Size: Euro rack format 3U / 4HP 20×128,5mm


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