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The Flame “MEMOSLIDER” module is a small programmable analogue slider module, designed for small mobile euro racks. There are three play modes. SLIDER: for manual selection of one of the eight steps SAMPLE AND HOLD: for synchronized selection of one of the eight steps STEPSEQUENCER: like an analogue stepsequencer Two seperately different output voltages of the pots 1-8 are available: unipolar 0..+10v and bipolar -5..+5v Additional the direct slider voltage input and output (0..+5v) is available. The module has a GLIDE function (manually via pot or via external CV). It’s possible to link several modules like an multi track sequencer or to connect several modules in parallel.

– Width : 10HP
– Depth : – mm
– Current consumption : +12V : 40mA / -12V : 5mA

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