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The TALKING SYNTH is a small-sized sound module based on the Speakjet ™ chip, produced by the U.S. company Magnevation LLC, which produces idiosyncratic sounds: from more or less sick robot speech to obscure synthesizer sounds. The variety ranges from speech-like sounds and synthetic robot voices (as well as beeps and alarms), to retro-style sci-fi sounds. Due to the structure of the Speakjet ™ (with its complex sound synthesizer, preset sounds and serial interface) it offers an impressive range of possibilities. The SpeakJet is not sample based as you might think, it has its own sound engine.

The module offers three modes: SYNTH – internal synthesizer sounds, PHONEMES – speech phonemes and effect sounds, WORDS – ready-made words/phrases/sentences.

With the switch in the ‘HOLD’ position the sounds can be played continuously. In the ‘TRIGGER’ position the sounds can be triggered manually with a pushbutton or with an external trigger input. Four parameters can be controlled with pots or four external CV inputs (0..+10v), then the pots serve as offset controls.

Following updates are loadable per USB (jack and jumper on PCB).

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