Fumana Dual 16 Bands Spectral Editor

fully analog voltage controllable filter bank with two channels

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Fumana is a fully analog, voltage controllable filter bank with two channels, each featuring an array of 16 bandpass circuits. The module is specialized in spectral effects.

Each filter bank is composed of 16 independent 48dB/octave bandpass filters. Having two identical arrays allows you to control or modulate two separate signals.

The Fumana groups its filter bands into odd/even pairings. These pairings can be split, letting you access either dual-8 bands or single 16-bands. When used as a dual filter array, the Fumana allows you to use one group for spectral analysis (of a modulator signal) while the second group can be used for synthesis of the main signal.

The upper section of the Fumana provides access to each main filter’s direct output, while the lower section has an additional 4 voltage controllable parameters to manage two independent functions for further spectral editing: tilt and parametric scan.

Tilt adjust the whole spectrum and adds or subtracts amplitudes to the 16 bands. Parametric Scan acts like a parametric equaliser: it uses peak/notch, band selector and width controls to set which band is being acted upon.

The Fumana has individual outputs for all 16 bands, along with 4 additional outputs: all envelope followers, odd bands, even bands, all bands. The odd/even bands can be inverted in phase for more sound possibilities. The Fumana also has an input for an external noise to create a vocoder-style effect.

The Fumana has a huge scope for sound design and with its dual banks, can act as a simple graphic EQ in its most basic form, or in a more complex form can be used with signal control over each band to modulate an independent signal.


  • Two 16 bands filterbanks: main filterbank of 16 fixed bandpass filter 48 dB/oct, and a second one only for analysis and creation of envelopes to be used as modulation signals
  • parametric band scanning: gain/attenuation control (peak/notch approach), scanning center, scanning width
  • capable of true 16 bands analog spectral transfer: if the modulation signal is a voice, some call also call it vocoding
  • odd & even input/output: the filterbank can be split in two, using for example two different modulators to modulate a source, vice versa, or using odd bands and even bands independently. This translates also in a fully independent dual 8 band vocoding.
  • flat frequency response: from band 2 to 15 we guarantee a tolerance within ±1.5dB (globally ±4dB) and each band’s amplitude is individually trimmable (by technician only). This means that it doesn’t add unwanted colors, doesnt take off that much low or high frequencies… you know what i mean…
  • unvoiced section: when used as vocoder, it is possible to add a noise source to this input, which will be added, to the main outputs according to the spectral content. This helps recreating a few timbres that can’t be normally transferred.
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