Mutant BD9

Mutant Bassdrum 909 style

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Rather than being a continuation of the original Mutant Bassdrum, the Hexinverter BD9 explores entirely new sonic platitudes. The module includes a sub-oscillator for extra thickness, while its primary VCO is capable of producing both classic 909-style bassdrum sounds as well as square waves. The module’s pitch modulation can be adjusted via dedicated pitch delay control, while a click generator dictates the intensity of the attack, adding punchiness or subtleness to the overall sound. The module’s timbre can be altered via the drive control, allowing it to change from warm analog type sounds to harsh and overdriven hits, which get even fatter when paired with the sub-oscillator.


  • Primary VCO has Sine and Squarewave outputs
  • Pitch of VCO spans several octaves
  • Pitch Decay adjusts duration and amount of pitch modulation
  • Amplitude Decay adjusts envelope of bass drum
  • Click Generator decides attack intensity
  • Drive control for timbral density
  • Square sub oscillator available
  • Sub oscillator waveshape decided with jumpers on PCB
  • Sub oscillator can be 0, -1, or -2 octaves down
Weight 0.3 kg
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