Malgorithm MkII


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Malgorithm mark II is the long-awaited redesign of the world’s first voltage-controlled bitcrusher, now available in high-resolution stereo with expanded controls.

The bitcrusher is an essential tool in the Digital Modular Synthesist’s arsenal. Its primary use is to bring foreign signals into aesthetic compliance with the synthesist’s style. This is primarily done through the controlled reduction of two signal parameters, bit depth and sampling rate (labeled “Nyquist”). Bit depth reduction effectively reduces the dynamic range of the signal by eliminating the least significant bits from the audio, destroying the finer details and gradually converting the waveform into a series of “staircases”, ultimately arriving at a square wave. Ordinary bitcrushers process the bit depth in integer steps, resulting in a choppy, discrete control respones. Malgorithm features continuous, non-integer bit depth reduction, a modular first. By eliminating the steps from the Bit Depth control sweep, the user may now fully enjoy the full depth of dynamic transformation that this unique process offers, under manual or voltage control.


-48Khz, 16 bit STEREO processing
-Bit depth reduction control is now continuous. No steps. Get in-between the bits.
-Voltage-controlled wet/dry mix
-Voltage-controlled input gain
-“Attenuverting” CV inputs with center-detent controls
-New waveshaper section with four blocks of destructive digital processes available simultaneously (three modes each)
-3-color illuminated tactile switches


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