Stillson Hammer Mk II

4 tracks CV/Gate sequencer

699,00  TTC

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STILLSON HAMMER MARK II is a 4-track control voltage sequencer for realtime music performance.

Four CV/gate tracks directly control your collection of oscillators and percussion.
Seven pages of parameters determine your musical performance, edited in realtime with a bank of 16 sliders.
A series of hotkeys immediately generate or modify sequences or individualised parameters across all four tracks, with no menu diving whatsoever.
Two CV inputs and large manual controls mutate any number of sequence parameters, with programmable modulation amount per step.
32 preset slots are provided for your storage of sequencer data.
The keypad, rotary encoder, CV modifiers, LED feedback (on all buttons, sliders, and numerical display) and slider bank work in harmony to allow astonishingly fast music creation across all four tracks, in an ergonomically valid user interface uncommon in modular synthesis.
It is possible to quickly generate and meaningfully manipulate a full 4-track sequence with minimal slider interaction.


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