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7u Case

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– Don’t forget that you need to buy 1U dedicated module to use rear input/output

Two 84 hp rows (6U) of Eurorack module space + one 84 hp row for our 1U modules + Threaded M3 strips for mounting modules.

– Detachable nylon carrying strap.
– Anodized aluminum lid with latches, deep enough to close the case with cables patched in.
– Retractable feet that can support the case at two different angles. Or lay the case flat on a table.
– Plastic feet for resting the case on the table.
– Spring-loaded latching accessory slots on top and bottom of the case. The slots can be used to attach two cases together and for the carrying strap.

Rear panel:
– Four 1/4″ audio jacks that can be connected to the Audio I/O 1U. Two ins and two outs.
– MIDI In, Out, and Thru jacks. The In jack can be connected to the µMIDI 1U and will pass to the Thru. The Out is for future expansion.
– USB port that connects to the µMIDI 1U and other future modules.
– Rocker switch and barrel plug for power entry.

Dimensions 31,2 × 16,5 × 44,5 cm
Current draw

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