Subtractive synth voice, heavily inspired by the SH-101

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After more than three years of developing and tweaking the fundamental synthesis blocks needed Intellijel is very pleased to present his new module : Atlantis – a fully patchable dual oscillator analog subtractive synth voice in Eurorack format.

To release the Atlantis, Intellijel was heavily inspired by the architecture and sound of the Roland SH-101.

Just like the 101 it is quick to dial in beautifully rich bass and lead sounds. However unlike the 101 this module uses triangle core VCOs (based on the Dixie core) which respond very well to FM. The modulation oscillator can be used as an LFO or VCO (audio rate) and both track very precisely to about 8 or more octaves.

Intellijel Atlantis from Dylan Brown on Vimeo.

Intellijel Atlantis demo#1 from Danjel van Tijn on Vimeo.

Summary of enhancements/differences over the SH-101 core:
-discrete tri core vcos (with far better tracking and Hard sync) not a CEM chip
-Primary vco has linear FM (not just exp)
-MOD Vco can be linked to the primary VCO pitch CV.
-Modulation oscillator switchable from LFO to VCO
-Filter is multimode, 2/4pole switchable and has a special LP boost mode
-Filter allows for selection of inverted ADSR mod source
-Mixer section includes and external source which is normalled to a sinewave
-Filter has built in soft clipping
-Envelope has looping option, re-trigger and selectable time range
-Output VCA has two stage clipping circuit
-Patch points for every synthesis section


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