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The PRO CV to MIDI converts analog CV information into MIDI data. The converter features classic Pitch CV and Gate inputs as well as 2 flexible AUX. It is very stable and reliable.

– 1 V / octave, 1.2 V / octave and Hz / V modes
– CV, gate and two aux inputs
– A 16 bit A/D converter guarantees rock-steady pitches
– Transpose option (+/- 12 semitones)
– Editable pitch bend function (Range: Up to 48 semitones)
– Gate input can process V-trig or S-trig signals
– Aux inputs are able to work with CV, gate or trigger signals
– Auto tune function
– Fine tune and scale are adjustable using front panel buttons
– MIDI DIN output
– Selectable MIDI channel
– Setups are stored in non-volatile memory

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