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The Ekdahl Quad Massager is a quad VCA, joystick-controlled mixer / quadrophonic panner for Audio or CV. It comes with a voltage-controlled quadrature sine LFO and no less than 18 x 1/4″ ins and outs.

In short, the Ekdahl Quad Massager can be used to “move” a signal on a 2-dimensional surface, giving the effect of quadrophonic panning. In reality, the joystick position only sets the volume of the four outputs. At center position all outputs are at their maximum output volume, the further the joystick moves from the center, the less the amplitude of the opposed outputs of the travel.

Each output is controlled by a VCA, each VCA has one signal input, one signal output and one CV input. If connected, the direct CV input breaks the connection to the joystick and LFO routing so that the VCA can be used as stand-alone. The Ekdahl Quad Massager also has CV inputs for both the X and Y axis, serving the same function as the joystick movements.

The Ekdahl Quad Massager is equipped with a voltage-controlled quadrature LFO that can give both sine and cosine outputs. Traditionally, the LFO is used to move the sound in circular or elliptical patterns as well as back and forth along either the X or Y axis. The LFO also has two CV outputs (Sine / Cosine) and one CV input (Speed). The X and Y axises CV input goes full range on +/-2.5V, the direct VCA CV inputs reacts to 0-5V.


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