EssenceFM Mk.II

Powerful FM synthesizer with huge polyphony and a tactil screen

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The EssenceFM Mk.II is a very powerful FM synthesizer combined with a modern and easy to use interface (tactil screen !), offering studio-quality specs. Creating FM sounds has never been so fun and easy !

  • Touch screen controlled: connect the operators together as you like, draw the envelopes and waveforms directly on screen
  • Use the pots to fine-tune parameters and control sounds in real-time
  • Huge polyphony (300 voices) to create rich layered sounds
  • Built-in effects processor, multitimbrality and 3328 internal sound slots to create whole tracks
  • Eight balanced audio outputs and multiple MIDI inputs (DIN, USB & Ethernet) provide flexibility
  • Use the EssenceFM racked or laid on your desktop, tilted via the included support bars
  • Built with quality in mind, 24-bit DAC, fully isolated analog circuitry, steel and aluminium case, ALPS pots, Bourns rotary encoders, Kailh backlit mechanical switches…
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