Field Kit Expansion Pack

Sensors for Fiel Kit

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Its all about the things you connect to the The Field Kit !

The Expansion Pack contains:

2 x Contact Microphones
Use these contact microphones to pick up vibration or sound, they are an amazing versatile input source.
1 x Electro-Magnetic Pickup
This guy is good at picking up changes in magnetic fields, you can use it to amplify a string like a guitar pickup or amplify a spinning motor.
1 x Solenoid push-pull motor
Use the solenoid to hit things, together with the DC Interface the solenoid can make anything rhythmical and percussive.
1 x DC motor
The Motor can be used to rotate things or as a noisy oscillator together with the Electro-Magnetic Pickup.
1 x small speaker
Use the speaker to listen to the main mix or as a sound source and to feedback sounds.
3 x patch cables Always handy to have around to patch up different parts of your Field Kit.

…and a bunch of little objects to play with !

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