M4000D mini

Mini Digital Mellotron

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The M4000D MINI Mellotron was developed to meet the needs of keyboardists who want an even smaller and lighter Digital Mellotron. The MINI is also designed to fit perfectly on top of the regular M4000D to make a great looking dual manual Mellotron.

High-quality semi-weighted Fatar piano style keyboard with velocity sensitivity. No aftertouch.
Lightweight sheet metal cabinet, fits perfectly on the M4000D, total weight only 21 pounds (9.5 kg).
Same output signals as the M4000D, but only unbalanced 1/4″ connectors.
The weight is 9.5 kg instead of 17.5 kg for the regular M4000D.
Dimensions: 807x329x76 mm


Weight10 kg
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