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The popular and affordable Moog Werkstatt-01 Analog Kit and CV Expander are back for a limited time, inviting everyone to get hands-on with the legendary Moog sound. The complete kit is now available and shipping worldwide.

Werkstatt-01 is a compact and patchable analog synthesizer. A gateway to the expansive world of analog synthesis, the instrument is a must-have for anyone interested in exploring classic Moog sound and circuitry through the unique, hands-on experience of a DIY synthesizer project. This affordable, easy-to-assemble kit requires no prior electronics experience and is a perfect afternoon (or Christmas morning) project.

The simplicity of the Werkstatt-01 design makes it an ideal starting point for discovering a new, limitless world of analog sound design, and the included 3.5mm CV Expander makes it an easy-to-use tool for anyone who wants to incorporate Moog’s iconic sound into their music. This 9″ x 6″ music machine may be small, but the raw power and spectrum of sound it produces is immense.


Analog synthesis kit (not assembled)
Fully analog circuit
Number of keys: 13
Key type: Push button
Oscillator: Switchable analog VCO Saw / Pulse
LFO: Analog LFO switchable Triangle / Square
Filter: Analog Moog scale filter -24dB
Envelope Generator: Analog ADSR
VCA Type: Analog
Audio inputs: 1 x 1/4″ (audio input)
Audio Outputs: 1 x 1/4″ (audio out)
Other I/O: 12x ⅛ ” Patch Points
Expansion: Semi-modular, Eurorack connectivity
Power Supply: 12V DC power supply included
Dimensions: L: 9.375″ W: 5.50″ H:1.25


Werkstatt-01 analog synthesis kit
Patch cables 1/8″, 5 qty.
CV Expander
Power Supply
Quick Start Guide
CV Expander Instructions
Instrument Catalog
Registration Card



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