100 GRIT

Filter + VCA + overdrive + touch points = 100 Grit

288,00  TTC

- +

Filter + VCA + overdrive + touch points = 100 Grit

Have you always wanted to patch your distortion feedback path with your fingers? No, okay, but you can now. But let’s start nice and easy: Gritt 100 is based on a 24 dB transistor ladder filter and an OTA VCA that goes from rather clean to clipping like hell. CV inputs for drive of the VCA and frequency and resonance of the filter allow the classic use of the circuits as VCF + VCA.However, they can also be used to modulate the feedback path when 100 Grit is used without an input signal and you only work with the feedback and touch points.

HE: 3
TE: 14
Depth: 25
Power consumption +12V: 55
Power consumption -12V: 70



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