Interstellar radio

The Interstellar Radio simulates a faulty radio transmission line.

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Poor reception guaranteed! The Interstellar Radio simulates a faulty radio transmission line. Incoming audio material is converted to a high frequency pulse train and then back to an audio signal. The clocks used by carrier and demodulator can be influenced manually and via control voltages. In addition, there is the so-called error comparator and a tone control. The results are screaming distortion and beefy aliasing. – This is what a ring modulator on Crack must sound like. Without an input signal, the Interstellar Radio can be used as an effect oscillator. Again, the sound is rather… harsh.



  • Simulates the process of modulating and demodulating a signal for radio transmission
  • Effect or complex oscillator (non v/oct)
  • Voltage controlled aliasing, distortion, and frequency modulation effects
  • Two wide ranging voltage controlled square wave oscillators with individual outputs
  • CARRIER oscillator converts input into high frequency pulse train
  • DEMODULATOR oscillator inside control loop brings sound back to audio range
  • CV applies external voltage control to oscillators or uses input signal as audio rate FM
  • Internal oscillators can be replaced with external modulation sources
  • TYPE selects demodulation loop type (changes timbre and response)
  • ERROR output with threshold control
  • TONE control for filtering out the harshest of frequencies
  • All analog design

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