Filterbank 2 en rack

Double analogue 12dB/oct filter rack version

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«We’ve also got this guy who’s made some things for us. He makes these things called Shermans. They’re just wild. They sound really good. Extreme.»
Interview avec les Chemical Brothers, Keyboard, juin 1997, USA.

«Great analogue sound and considerable character. Lots of innovative features with plenty of scopes for experimentation. Portable. Very good value for money. What really sets the Sherman Filterbank apart from others in this crowded market, is the additional combinaison of overdrive, harmonics, envelope generators, LFO, VCAs and MIDI control. This is a hell of a processor. If Moog is a Rolls Royce, the Sherman Filterbank has to be a Porsche.»
Chris Carter, Sound on Sound, avril 1997, GB.

«A unite that promises the world of analogue synthesis without the price. The holy grail of unique sound.»
Peter Forrest, THE MIX, juillet 1996, GB.

Independent low pass, band pass and high pass filters with resonance, frequency and ADSR (positive – negative) controls
These are switchable between parallel or serial
The second filter has a 6 octave switch, and is synchronizable with the first filter
1 ADSR generator for these filters with an external output for use with more filterbanks or modular systems, triggered by the incoming signal, by a second sounds source, or by a gate
1 FM input for the filters, internal or external audio, LFO or CV
1 VCA overdrive with AR generator also
1 ring modulator input, internal or external audio, LFO or CV
rack version

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