ATC-X Mini Mode

monophonic analog synthesizer

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The ATC-X replaces the ATC-1 Tone Chameleon, the first synthesizer made by Studio Electronics and at the same time the first synth with exchangeable filters. It is monophonic and has a ring modulator, a distortion, noise as well as an external input for a large variety of sonic experiences. Of course you can save your sounds in the internal memory and like its big brothers it understands lots of MIDI-controllers.

two syncable VCOs.
All waveforms can be played simultaneously.
Noise generator, ring modulator
There are two options for the filters: just Minimoog filter or Mini; S.E.M.; 303; 2600; (= QFS)
Three ADSR envelopes with multitrigger end invertion,
two LFOs each with 7 waveforms;
three-digit LED display;
512 patches in RAM;
1 encoder and 50 membrane switches
One ringmod input;
ext input for filter and for ring modulator;
one audio output.
Power input (90V-250V auto switching);
MIDI In/Out/Thru

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