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PO-28 Robot uses a real 8-bit synthesizer engine to make live or sequenced melodies and lead sounds and features 15 sounds plus a micro drum machine. In this case the sounds are more recognizable as synths, including various types of wave that can be tweaked and mangled.

A Glide button can be used to add expression and there are again 16 effects, this time more suited to synths like repeats, low and high pass filters, retriggering and glitching. Any of the Pocket Operators can be synced together by sending an audio click into them whereupon one becomes the master and the others slaves. There are five sync modes, accessible using a key combo. You can record the output as audio by running a mini jack cable into a recording device.

Sounds 1-16:

-1. LFO pulse wave
-2. pulse wave
-3. mixed wave
-4. triangle wave
-5. echo
-6. arpeggio
-7. vibrato
-8. 4-bit triangle
-9. LFO pulse wave
-10. pulse wav
e -11. mixed wave
-12. triangle wave
-13. echo
-14. arpeggio
-15. vibrato
-16. micro drum kit

effects 1-16:

-1. distorted filter
-2. distorted sweep
-3. repeat 4
-4. repeat 2
-5. lowpass slow sweep
-6. lowpass fast sweep
-7. hipass filter
-8. hipass sweep
-9. fill-in
-10. fill-in (fast)
-11. retrigger
-12. retrigger (fast)
-13. glitch
-14. glitch (fast)
-15. blinds
-16. noise effect


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