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The Mono Lancet is a compact synthesizer with big sound, easy user interface and charm. Oscillators

Two analogue oscillators take care of a solid sound foundation. Oscillator one creates triangle-, sawtooth- and square waves and can be set one octave lower than the second oscillator. The latter produces white noise instead of the triangle wave. The pulse width can be modulated through the modulation wheel (MIDI) and/or an external control voltage (see Extension). The glide generator has a legato mode or can always be active. Filter

The voltage controlled lowpass filter has a slope of 24db per octave. On high resonance settings it starts to self-oscillate and produces a stable sine wave that can be played in a range of about 2 ½ octaves. On MIDI site the cutoff frequency can be controlled by velocity and/or aftertouch. Amplifier There’s a good sounding VCA inside the Mono Lancet that can be modulated by the ADSR- or a fixed organ-like envelope. On demand it additionally can respond to velocity. Modulation

The classical ADSR envelope generator can modulate the VCO- and VCF frequency and the VCA. The LFO generates rectangle- and triangle waveform as well as sample & hold and is modulation source for VCF and VCO.


There’s a 25pin sub-D connector on the rear of the Mono Lancet. It extents the possibilities of the synthesizer enormously through numerous in- and outputs for control voltages and audio signals. PWM and filter input are just two of them.

* 2x VCO (triangle, sawtooth, square / sawtooth, rectangle, noise)
* 24dB lowpass filter
* ADSR envelope generator (VCF, VCA, VCO)
* LFO (triangle, square, s/h)

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