RetubeVerb 2010

Tube Spring Reverb

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The Re-tube-verb 2010 still directs to the fans of the 60ies tube sound. The amount of functions has been reduced when compared to the Retroverb, but now you are offered no-compromise tube-technique, which is more difficult to make than transistor-based units. You´ll find a fat sounding tube spring reverb with a lot of 60ies charme. Even more retro comes from the magic eye level indicator. The sature spring reverb is provided by six 36cm long Accutronics type 9 springs, which are arranged in three pairs. On board is a three-band EQ as well, which can amplify/attenuate the signal up to 15dB. Besides the desktop casing with wooden sides we find as usual the crash button, which makes the springs oscillate. This means you don´t have to hit or kick your unit ever again.

magic eye indicator; input socket; gain control. EQ: bass, middle and treble control; mix-control, bypass switch; output control; crash button.
desktop unit with 48 x 25 x 8 cm in total

Weight 2 kg
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