Analog Wavefold Mixer

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The AWM-3 is an all analog, real-time, complex wave-shaping (triple wave-folder) 3-channel mixer module with added features of compression and / or amplification as well as a multiple mix modes including matrix mixes. The combination of multiple access points (outputs of various mixes), wave-folding, and compression allow for an extremely wide array of signal processing, including complex chorus-like sounds.

All three channels are identical and can operate independently. They can also be cascaded (connected in series) to obtain double and triple wave-folding. The compressor at the front-end of each channel allows for not only unique wave-shaping, but the ability to send asymmetrical wave-shaped signals through multiple wave-fold stages while preserving a better managed signal process.

The AWM-3 is powerful and clearly analog. Strong wave-folding generate extremely powerful sounds. Thanks to individual and mix outputs, feedbacks can be patched. CV inputs add adds some energy to rather boring or motionless sounds.


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