VCF-74 MK2

Dual analog highpass and lowpass filter

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VCF-74 features a dual analog highpass and lowpass filter, cascaded (series, from HP > LP).
The discrete diode filter circuit is inspired by the 1970s Univox Mini-Korg synthesizer’s “Traveler” filter section which provides warm, organic sound to your modular system.

A stage boost switch allows you to drive the 2nd filter section (Low-Pass) with a +5.3dB signal boost from the High-Pass output signal. Independent manual resonance controls per filter section allows you to fine-tune a wide variety of focused sound.
Input and Output level controls allow you to optimize dynamic range, including how hard you drive the filter–which drastically changes the dynamic interplay between signal and harmonic resonance.
Both High-Pass and Low-Pass circuits have independent “offset” controls that will allow for fine tuning of each filter’s cutoff.
The VCF-74 can be set up as a Low-Pass, High-Pass, or Band-Pass filter. Width of the Band-Pass can be adjusted by simply dialing in the offset controls appropriately.

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