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string synthesizer

Waldorf STVC is a polyphonic digital synthesizer and vocoder with 49 keys and supplied gooseneck microphone. The STVC is a string synthesizer, but also offers some other sound possibilities. The gooseneck microphone turns the synthesizer into a fully polyphonic vocoder in no time at all. All these sounds go through three more effects to form the sound. Due to its metal housing, the synthesizer is ideally suited for use in the studio or on stage.

The string section of the synthesizer is fully polyphonic and starts with an oscillator bank based on octave dividers. The signal then passes through a complex mixer followed by an equalizer and an ensemble effect. With a single slider you can select different registrations for violin, viola, cello, brass, organ, choir and more. The STVC offers a wide range of string sounds that can be used for many different applications.

Further sound possibilities

In addition to the string section, the STVC has a 16-voice synthesizer that perfectly complements the string sounds. The selection of the sounds is done with only one slider. It is also used for other useful settings. Although the solo synthesizer is primarily designed as a companion for the strings, it offers sufficient expressiveness to assert itself alone in the mix and to function as a lead.


The vocoder replaces the equalizer of the string section with a filter bank that models the signal according to the entered language. The microphone for the vocoder is connected on top of the instrument. The oscillator bank is then used as a carrier signal, generating very intelligible speech or vocals that can then be further modified. The solo section can be played through the vocoder or in parallel. The vocoder also has some interesting effects like freeze or tweak.

The effects

The three effects offered by the Waldorf STVC can all be used simultaneously: the “Animate” effect is a modulation of the string or vocoder registration, plus a “phaser”, which is an important component of a string machine, and a Hall effect, which allows the room size to be adjusted and which can be added to the output signal.

Waldorf STVC at a glance:

  • Fully polyphonic string synthesizer with vocoder
  • 49 keys with aftertouch and velocity
  • Different string sounds like violin, viola, cello, brass and others
  • Can also be used as 16x polyphonic synthesizer
  • Vocoder with own effects
  • Three effects that can be used simultaneously: Animate, phaser, reverb
  • Gooseneck microphone is included in delivery
  • Housing made of metal
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