VC Quantizer and rhythmic arpeggio generator

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Arpitecht is a voltage controlled Quantizer and rhythmic arpeggio generator.

With the Arpitecht, you can create intricate melodies that span 8 octaves, imply chord changes, instant acid basslines, evolving generative sequences, and, using the Triad expander, polyphonic chord generation.

The Arpitecht features 16 scales, each with a unique set of “note masks” offering hundreds of note combinations with the ability to dial in via knobs on the front panel or CV. 32 rhythm patterns and 32 slide patterns all with CV control let you feed a static clock into it and get unique, evolving patterns of gates and note changes.

Triad expander module allows you to create uniquely voiced chords in the same key underneath your arpeggios.

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