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Sequential Switch Matrix Expander

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The WMD Sequential Switch Matrix Expander does exactly what is advertised: expands the capabilities of the Sequential Switch Matrix module. The module enables a Gate/Trig function, with the Gate function providing dedicated 10V outs for each routing button, and the Trigger function sending synchronized triggers whenever a step happens.

Additionally, the module features adjustable trigger length (via CV or a dedicated knob), retrig-on-step functionality, and invert behavior.


  • Gate/Trig provide 10V outputs for each routing button and mirrors the routing shown by the SSM LEDs
  • Adjustable trigger output length
  • Gates and triggers can retrigger when step is changed
  • Invert Behavior allows creation of gates when stage is off rather than on
  • DAC3/4 produce a weighted 4 bit voltage between 0 and 5 volts
  • Step outputs a trigger for each step, reset or CV change
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